French Fries

Unveiling the World of Irresistible Fries: A Global Culinary Odyssey

Exploring the Roots: French Fries Origin

French fries, a universal delight, have transcended borders to become a global sensation. Dive into the origins of this crispy delicacy, and discover the diverse flavors it has assumed across continents.

Belgium Fries: POWNTY® Culinary Excellence

In the heart of Belgium, where culinary finesse meets innovation, POWNTY® takes the lead with their 10x10MM (3/8”) Coated Straightcut, 7x7MM (1/4”) Coated Shoestrings, and more. Indulge in the perfection of POWNTY® 10x10MM Straightcut or the playful crunch of 5.5x5.5MM Skinny Fries.

Lebanon Fries: POWNTY® Crunchy Symphony

Lebanon adds its unique twist to the fry saga with POWNTY® 9MM Crunchy Fries and 7MM Super Crunchy variants. Elevate your taste experience with the tantalizing Seasoned Wedges or relish the textured delight of 7MM Seasoned Crinkle. Lebanon's fries are a true culinary symphony.

India Fries: POWNTY® Fusion of Flavors

In the vibrant tapestry of Indian cuisine, POWNTY® shines with 6MM Shoestrings and 9MM Straight Cut fries. Experience the fusion of spices and textures, as POWNTY® brings the essence of India to your plate.

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