About Us


Who We Are

Founded out of passion, career and an opportunity to introduce a brand that will gravitate to meet global demand for a variety of healthy, moderately priced natural foods, Pownty Food Corp based in Belgium, the prime business region strategically located at the heart of Europe, emerges with a vision to provide quality bound international products and services to the global market. The company specializes in Exporting food products under its Brand name.

We believe in only sourcing ethically farmed products, our products are outsourced from only the finest and authenticated manufacturers across the globe, supplied in all ranges of fresh, dry, and frozen foods. The basic focus is to specialize in working directly with the producers and manufacturers to create a sustainable partnership and provide the consumer with access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet the dietary needs and their food preference for an active living.

Pownty focuses on a wider food industry, we supply our food products in all types of packaging. We provide the needs of wholesalers/Retailers and for the consumption of the end user. In fact, the company’s objective is to meet the primary needs within the shortest time possible in supplying our dry, chilled, frozen products.

We build a relationship beyond business. Yes! We are Pownty and it’s really good by crafting the taste.