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I loved every minute of it, she said. ESPN The Magazine This story appears in ESPN The Magazine . Kathy Gable comforts Dan, talking softly to him, and soon he returns, drying his eyes, trying to explain something he doesn't understand. He said the door was locked but the television or radio was playing. The Gables measured time in seasons, their world growing as small and insular as Dan's. Gable was a two time NCAA National . And, yes, he does remember writing notes to a man dying of cancer in Minneapolis. "It's not over!". It was the prison. Follow the Mag on Twitter: @ESPNmag. Hes very easygoing he never puts anybody down. "Kath! "It's hot," Gable says suddenly. Then, in 1997, burned out and with chronic pain in his hip, he quit. AP Images. This land is a lot of work, and he's getting older. Derek St. John, the Iowa 157 and last hope to salvage a national title from a tournament gone wrong, crouches at the center of the mat. . Ask Dan Gable: What was it like to win an Olympic gold medal? Just as quickly he jumps back into the hot water, his body temperature skyrocketing, the snow melting off. Gables name is to wrestling what Joe Namaths is to professional football and Muhammad Alis is to boxing. An unknown opponent from Washington named Larry Owings waited. he yells, his voice sounding like a gut-shot deer looks, ragged from days of this. Every now and again, he splashes water on his face. The cat hacks a few more times, bobbing her head, then vomits all over the carpet. "I've never seen him like that ever," she says. Dan looked out his window as he listened and shuddered. She was 19. Rudy is outside, playing in the woods, but Peekers is by the couch, hacking and dry heaving. All four girls have moved out, started lives of their own. Gable pumps his feet and looks like he might get sick. The statue is also there for his girls and for his grandchildren, so that if they ever need advice when he's dead and gone -- he figures he's got 15 years -- there will be a piece of him left, forever, reminding them to get off their asses and fight. "I couldn't handle it.". The girls' bedroom doors had holes in them; they'd slam and lock them, and Dan would punch through them. ", That's why Gable never fully pulled away, even after he left coaching in 1997, making good money on the lecture circuit, keeping an administrative job in the athletic department. Leaning over, he carefully wipes the snow off with his hand. His daughters are funny, pretty and intense. There was no greater sin for a Gable wrestler than to be caught stalling -- backing up, eating clock, not attacking and destroying -- and once Gable even screamed at a ref to call it on his own guy. Gable has weathered family tragedies that first struck when he was just 15. So when Mack and Katie went out on the town, young Dan would make his way to the front of the house. He couldn't use his arm for two weeks, couldn't crank a boat, couldn't chop wood. She ducks into the suite, scans the room and calls, "Mom?" Katie Gable still pampers her son. It is 7:30 p.m. Dan Gable runs to the local food store, makes a few purchases and runs back to his apartment. Here, he's pictured with his four girls -- Molly, Jenni, Annie and Mackie -- all of whom are now married. Gable admits that during the first few years of marriage, I was self-centered. Oldest grandson Gable sits in his chair, never taking his eyes off the mats. Gable breathes and bleeds the sport, and faithfully applies lessons learned from both on and off the mat. If that means running miles every day, lifting weights and grappling with wrestlers on the mat, he does it despite bunged-up knees, a pinched nerve in his neck and chipped bones in his elbows. C du Kathy Uyn v ch r gy st bi nhng hnh ng tnh t, ngt ngo dnh cho nhau. Mackie Gable, Dan's youngest daughter, steps outside and finds her father weeping. Dan calls it "C'Pow," like the sound a fist makes on someone's jaw. This is the price of trying to bury a lifetime of hurt. - Dan Gable. THE FIVE-MILE drive from the arena back to Gable's house takes him from the heart of campus into gentle rural hills with clapboard farmhouses and grain silos. Kathy Gable provided a sense of common everyday life for her family while her husband produced uncommon results. Andrew Cutraro. He struggles with it. The Hawkeyes, whom he hasn't coached in 16 years, are having a miserable weekend, with no national champions. The ones who give up shouldnt be in college coaching. My goal is hers.. In Des Moines, as the tournament gets under way, he starts making noises that sound like an animal's death rattle, a moan that starts somewhere very deep inside. For their first date, two years later, he invited her on a bike ride. In fact, Dans success is pointing up the state of Iowa in wrestling, and thats good for all of us., From the archives: Chris Taylor, Iowa State's larger-than-life wrestling star. Gablesstory is one of grit and determination that didnt end with the winning of the Olympic gold. Danny Mack Gable, also known as Dan Gable is a former folkstyle and freestyle wrestler from the United States who was only the third wrestler inducted into the United World Wrestling Hall of Fame in the Legend category. Gable can't sleep that night, haunted by McDonough's loss and the losses of every wrestler he's seen in the past few days, even ones from other schools, kids he's never met. Gable triumphs again -- over himself. When he comes to a trail blocked by a fallen tree, he turns around, making a note to come back later with a chain saw. He is also famous for having only lost one match in his entire Iowa State University collegiate career - his last . The Network is a community of wrestlers who help each other in business and in life while supporting the sport that has played such an important role in every member's life. Enough! He lost his final college match in 1970, however two years later he won the gold medal in his weight class at the Munich . Only my family comes before it, said the man who commonly is called the greatest wrestler in U.S. history.. . The arena sound system pours out decibels, sludgy bass lines and screaming guitars. Dan Gable won 13-4 in a match that would serve as the central motivation for Owings two years later. "Because we love him. Then doctors told him he couldn't wrestle people any longer, and the Christmas tree and the chain saw nearly took away the Takedown Machine, and that is just about that. His hands twitch. A blue-eyed Iowa girl, hilarious but fierce in defending her family, she found a soul mate in Dan. DIANE REMAINS A daily presence in the Gable home. I just wish hed do to the foreigners what he does to us.. If you've seen him at a match lately, they're still there, grown up, screaming down at poorly performing wrestlers, questioning their manhood, urging a coach to "slap the shit" out of one who celebrates a poorly wrestled match. He cracks jokes about his cauliflower ear and when the mood strikes, pulls down his lower lip and exposes scar tissue. At one point, the floor gave way to the continuous blasts of water and drenched Mack Gable who happened to be passing below. Her reasons are her own, but it's hard not to see a girl trying to keep a world intact. My dedication to Diane kept me straighter she was a motivating force. Kyle's death brought back the sorrow and grief, the anger and guilt, and Gable walked around his 45 acres when he got home, yelling and screaming at the tall pines. This hurt Dan most of all. His daughters are all married and have their own children. Forty-four years ago, on the way to winning the gold medal at the 1972 Olympic games in Munich, he didn't yield a . A May 8th wedding is planned in Iowa . Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open. Dan sees the phone again. Andrew Cutraro. "No, it ain't!" "I don't think I can sit here," he says, stepping out of the suite into the hallway. His only defeat came in the NCAA finals his senior year. When he was a small boy, his parents drank, and they fought. 1 thing I give them.. Everyone in the Gable suite celebrates, except Gable himself, who is almost panting, his eyes glassy. Dan Gable is a retired wrestler, coach, Olympic gold medalist, and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Kathy has already put out Easter decorations, including stuffed bunnies and an Easter tree. They followed him on his journey and counted his successes as their own. But Gables father, Mack, talks of the rough times his son had when he joined the University of Iowa coaching staff as an assistant in 1973, just a year after the Olympic victory. She has been married to Dan Gabel since May 18, 1974. I dont want anybody to know me too well. "They were doing it before I died," he says, then catches himself. Without anyone noticing, he slips out the door into the concourse. Recently, Gable lost out to marathon runner Frank Shorter for a $25,000 endorsement of Canon cameras. Dan Gable celebrates his birthday on October 25, so his zodiac sign is Scorpio. "Starting a chain saw," he says. Jenni and Annie both live in Iowa City. Dan Gable and Kathy Gable got married in 1974. His parents saved his weights from high school, which he still uses in the barn. The family was dying with her, and he would be left alone. Dan remembers his parents feeling antsy. One day in March, he stared at a bowl of pasta, hungry and stubbornly trying not to eat. "He brought his work home with him a lot," Mackie says. There's a sign above his head that says: Whatever Happens In The Hot Tub Stays In The Hot Tub. "I'm gonna step outside.". Dan and Kathy Gable met at a party. Now the IOC wants to take away the Olympics. Nobody scored on him in Munich, and when he won, he tossed the medal in the bottom of his gym bag. Dan and Kathy Gable, Iowa City, announce the engagement of their daughter, Molly, to Danny Olszta of New Lenox, IL. Gable is a devoted father and grandfather. It sounds like coachspeak and only makes sense once you've watched Gable watch wrestling. SUBSCRIBE. When I came to Iowa City and got started in the job, it was dropped. He says his wife, Kathy, is the one who has loaded showcases and . Ive probably bitten through my tongue 1,000 times. and that was all Dan could stand. Even 16 years after losing the opiate of competition, he's still grasping for something to replace it. It wasn't good puke either.". He became one of the few dominant athletes in a sport who . Fierce showdowns with Peekers seem like a comical use of the authority he built by demanding everything from himself and from athletes who wanted to be like him. Why was the hardest dude on the planet crying because a wrestler he doesn't coach won a match? There's a long pause as he thinks. Dan remembers the noise the phone made, the metallic, guttural rattle. This is the Gable family's favorite part, because it echoes their own lives: a general and his troops, happy to be finished with the battle but missing the fight. At Carver-Hawkeye, they sat in section NN, seats 1-6, the first two rows. Gable is spread-eagled in his backyard making goddamn snow angels. A quote from Gable about this loss is, "then I got good". A lot of times, I take one of my star wrestlers with me when I visit the hospital, Gable said. and the world. For a brief period, his panicked parents thought it was lost. My sisters death affected my whole life. He was undefeated in 64 prep matches, and was 118-1 at Iowa State. It's been there our whole life. Danny Mack "Dan" Gable was born on October 25, 1948, in Waterloo, Iowa, to Mack Gable, a real-estate salesman, and his wife, Katie Gable, a homemaker. It's freezing outside. Katie tore off toward the cabin, with Dan sprinting after her, Mack chasing in the car. But out of the blue, a bubble gum company sent him a $250 check for permission to use his photo on a series of cards. Dan Gable's Home Gym. I had to have a win, just to get it out of me.". Gable's phone started to ring. The arguments slowed, then stopped, and his parents focused their attention on Dan, who started his junior wrestling season on a tear. ", Gable loves sitting in the sauna, even traveling overseas once to an international sauna convention. During his prep and college Wrestling careers, Dan Gable compiled an unbelievable record of 181-1. Together, they have four children, namely, Jenni, Annie, Molly, and Mackenzie. At night, Dan heard the fights, the words burrowing into his memory, where they'd remain forever. What drives him at age 34 to work out with the same ferocity that drove him when he first began pointing to the Olympic gold during college? The 21-year-old Apple Valley, Minn . At some point, each loss stopped being a separate thing, blurring into the ones that came before, until there isn't even such a thing as individual losses, just loss. All else he shoved aside, or pushed back down. Ask Gables wrestlers what they think of him, and the word theyre most likely to use is attitude., National champion Barry Davis said, The most important thing the coach does is give us a championship attitude he inspires us.. Im expanding my interests a lot more now because of Kathy. The officials stopped him a couple times to test him for drugs. At the end, Gen. Waverly puts on his old uniform and is greeted by the soldiers who loved him during the war, who sing "The Old Man." Along the way, he had four daughters with his wife, Kathy. If I beat the Russians next year, which I fully intend to do, they might ask me back as an Olympic coach again. He graduated from high school 64-0, a three-time state champion. Like the Owings loss.". He leans in and gently kisses her on the forehead. "After what wrestling did for my dad and his family, after their tragedy. Brad Penrith won an NCAA title for Iowa in 1986, but he needed . For him, the reward wasn't a medal but seeing how winning it made them feel. Id get hit in the mouth and bite through my cheeks. He loves the two cats, which like to crawl on his legs. They've learned a lot about him by having their own kids. All his life, Gable has been able to sense other people's hopes, just as he feels other people's pain as if it were his own. Everything unraveled. His friends wait for him to move. The only ones who really know me are my parents and my wife, Gable said. He had gold in his eyes thats all there was to it. It took all morning to pack the hotel room and load grandkids into the proper vehicles. Find Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok profiles, images and more on IDCrawl - free people search website. She lived in Waterloo then, in high school, and Dan, at Iowa State, sometimes trained in his hometown. Later that night, some friends sit around the hotel bar, just as baffled as Mackie. Taken from JRE #1627 w/Dan Gable:https://open.spotify.com/episode/0cQwQgJxzEdeEMgfWn8HrE?si=6d0eadf625014b61 Previous. Courtesy Gable Family. Danny Mack Dan Gable (born October 25, 1948) is a retired American Olympic wrestler and head coach. Even now, she alone seems capable of seeing through the shell into the real Dan Gable.

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