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The indictment also recounted Villanuevas Nov. 28, 2017 encounter with Quaree Singletary inside TPD headquarters. The attorney argued that Trenton Police leave their officers unequipped far too often. Villanueva went back to headquarters to help process Washington. The false records counts each carry a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. "It's perfectly proper the way he handled himself," Villanueva's attorney, Jerome Ballarotto, said. Villanueva wore all black, his lean frame topped by a mop of curly jet black hair. The maximum fine for each of the charges is $250,000. On Tuesday, Villanueva was arrested by the FBI at his home. TPD Officer Drew Inman, center, was caught on tape punching a suspect in the face while other cops placed him in cuffs. Villanueva argued in his appeal, among other arguments, that the OAL erred by finding that he violated state policy on using pepper spray, and Trenton police failed to conduct an adequate investigation before terminating his employment. Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. NBC10 obtained body cam footage of the incident.. As I reached for the phone, Singletary smacked my hand out of the way.. A number of officers went around to the other side of the fence, including one officer equipped with a body camera. One of the officers, who has since left the Trenton Police Department, is charged with additional civil rights and obstruction counts for allegedly assaulting a second defendant while in a holding cell at Trenton Police Headquarters. The Trentonian reported on those dustups, both of which were caught on tape. 3/5/2023 6529843 reed anthony 3/5/2023 6391927 reyes ignacio 3/5/2023 6553956 rodriguez jonatan 3/5/2023 6547498 salinas ricardo . To request removal of your name from an arrest report, submit these required items to Washington ran from police during a traffic stop and when officers caught up with him at a fence, they ordered him to raise his arms and then climb over the fence, authorities allege. They are accused of assaulting a man during a traffic stop in 2017. Trenton Police department was aware of the the investigation and cooperated fully with federal authorities. The appropriate departmental administrative actions will be taken, he said. Its inbred in them. Singletary, describing the horrible burning pain he experienced after getting maced, explained he asked to go to the hospital but was instead given water to flush out his eyes and throat. The public has an absolute right to trust that law enforcement will protect those they serve and keep them safe. The two appeared to exchange words in the soundless video moments before tempers flared. Copyright 2023 Interactive One, LLC. The public has an absolute right to trust that law enforcement will protect those they serve and keep them safe. (Image via YouTube) TRENTON, NJ - Two Trenton police officers have been arrested by. They are charged with violating Washington's civil rights and falsifying police. Villanueva has several other issues pending from his four years on the Trenton police force, which all occurred in 2017. He was also seen walking coming down the hall shaking the pepper spray as he approached Singletarys cell. Trenton attorney Robin Lord represents Washington, Singletary and a third man, Saalam Felton, in separate lawsuits. |. Scott Krasny, Inmans attorney, declined to comment. Villanuevas charges also related to his macing of a suspect in police lockup in 2017, according to the six-count indictment. He was fired in June 2018. Villanueva faces additional charges for allegedly assaulting a prisoner who was in a holding cell. Mayor Reed Gusciora said he was made aware of the arrests but declined to comment beyond that. As Felton was walking on a street, not running, Villanueva ran up behind him and punched him in the head several times before tackling him to the ground. TRENTON, N.J. Two Trenton police officers have been charged with civil rights and obstruction of justice charges for allegedly assaulting a man they were arresting, U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito announced today. The video also captured Villanueva bragging about the arrest later on a phone call. He allegedly later completed an incident report that contained numerous false statements to conceal his conduct. All rights reserved, Philly POPS Musicians Disappointed' by Recent Moves, Trump Supporters Get Parole in Philadelphia Weapons Case, Check Your Change! The charges against both men stem from an April 2017 traffic stop in Trenton. At no point during this encounter with the defendant did the plaintiff strike, attempt to strike, or intend to strike any of the defendant police officers or any other officer or the law, the lawsuit said. On Nov. 28, 2017, Villanueva pepper sprayed a prisoner who was confined to a holding cell at Trenton Police Headquarters, according to authorities. Trenton Police Officer Drew Inman, 25, of Hamilton, New Jersey, and former Trenton Police Officer Anthony Villanueva, 25, of Ewing, New Jersey, are charged in a six-count indictment that was returned by a federal grand jury on April 18, 2019, and unsealed today. An anonymous cop from the department toldTrentonian that the police department is painting Anthony as the villain., Villanueva has hired an attorney who said,Ive already made plans to defend him on these charges, but theres no sense putting on my battle gear before the battle starts. The Singletary incident was included in a federal civil rights case the U.S. Attorneys Office brought against Villanueva and Trenton police officer Drew Inman. That case is pending in federal court. Villanueva, 25, of Ewing, and Inman, 25, of Hamilton, are both charged with one count of aiding and abetting one another to deprive a man of his civil rights. Im hopeful there will be more to come.. You can explore additional available newsletters here. Anthony Villanueva and Drew Inman are charged with assault in the 2017 arrest of Chanzie Washington. Washington jumped into the canal and swam to the opposite bank, climbing up a steep, brush-lined embankment near a parking lot. Thats his gun, his physical strength and his courage.. ) or https:// means youve safely connected to the .gov website. Villanueva arrested Felton in March 2017 following a foot pursuit following a reported shooting. Trimboli & Prusinowski, LLC, attorneys for respondent City of Trenton . 2023 Advance Local Media LLC. She Was Just Found in Puerto Rico, Chris Rock to Address Will Smith's Slap in First Stand-Up Since Last Year's Oscars, New Jersey Bill Seeks to Ban Sale of Baby Wipes. Officer Anthony Villanueva sprays Quaree Singletary with mace during a lengthy struggle in TPD lockup. Please enter valid email address to continue. The indictment describes the assault like this: Victim 2 walked calmly, unescorted, into a cell denoted in Trenton Police Department records as Cell 7, and the door to Cell 7 began to close behind him, locking him in. 970 Broad Street, 7th Floor They cannot resort to excessive force in performing their duties. Authorities say the driver involved in the stop fled in his vehicle and then on foot as officers pursued. They are charged with violating Washington's civil rights and falsifying police reports to characterize him as the aggressor. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Cannon , Che' Anthony Berry 10/29/1996 2105 Foust St - Chattanooga, TN Cannon , Courtney Leighann 8/15/1991 3254 Plaza Cir - Chattanooga, TN Cannon , Ira 10/20/1996 . Date published: Jan 28, 2021. . Almost immediately thereafter, defendant Villanueva strode quickly down the corridor after victim 2, towards Cell 7, carrying a can of Oleoresin Capsicum, also known as OC spray or pepper spray., It goes on to say Villanueva reached through the bars and sprayed OC spray into Cell 7, while victim 2 attempted to shield himself with a mattress.. The videos showing a now-fired Trenton police officer punching and tackling a man with his hands up and pepper-spraying another man in a locked jail cell dont lie, but Anthony Villanueva contends they dont tell the whole story. The indictment says the booking photo, obtained by The Trentonian, showed Washington, who has sued over the beatdown, with a busted, bloodied lip, nose and swelling and brusing around his left eye. Marielle Franco, Radical Black Female Politician, Executed In Brazil, Megachurch Pastor Says Believing Jesus Is The Only Way To Heaven Is Insanity, 'Dilbert' Comic Creator Calls Black People A 'Hate Group,' Urges Segregation So Whites Can 'Escape', Bernie Mac Show Star Camille Winbush Is Not Ashamed Of Joining OnlyFans, Kyle Rittenhouse Faces 2nd Civil Lawsuit, Continues To Beg For Money From His Supporters, Ben Stein's 'Aunt Jemima' Rant Is A Master Class On White Privilege, Why Did tWitch Kill Himself? A Trenton police officer and a former colleague accused of assaulting a man they were arresting have both been charged with obstruction of justice and violating the man's civil rights Skip to content Sunday, December 25, 2022 The incident was caught on body camera. The video shows a fence separated Washington from most of the officers, who had their guns trained on him. On April 9, 2017, Chanzie Washington, of Trenton, fled a routine traffic stop on foot, according to authorities. TPD officers were on the other side waiting for Washington, who immediately gave himself up and raised his hands in the air, the indictment says. This is not a Rodney King situation, he said. Inman and Villanueva were two of the officers caught on tape appearing to throw blows after Washington surrendered following a wild foot chase through the city. Surrounded by police officers, Washington complied when told to raise his hands, according to authorities. Washington complied, according to the indictment, and placed his hands on the fence. Inman, who was creeping from behind, tackled Washington to the ground as both officers repeatedly punched him while he screamed out in pain, Stop hitting me in the face, and youve got my hands, according to the indictment. One part of the video shows Inman punching the suspect before bragging to the person recording the video, saying, I beat the living sh*t he stops when the other officer points to his body camera. There are 400+ professionals named "Anthony Villanueva", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. Officers try to subdue Quaree Singletary during a lengthy struggle in police lockup. I dont want you back here because of a mistake. Villanueva was fired by the police department, and is the subject of three excessive force lawsuits, according to The Trentonian. As the cell door began to close and was almost shut, Villanueva sprayed the chemical agent inside. The man tells the officers, Stop hitting me in my face.". The violation of civil rights counts each carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. Both defendants are charged with one count aiding and abetting one another to deprive a man of his civil rights. Accountability starts from the top.. Villanueva maced Singletary while he was inside a cell after a dustup that started when, the cop claimed, Singletary refused to get off the phone. Felton said in suit that he was beaten so badly during his arrest he suffered bleeding on the brain and other injuries. Trenton police officers chased him down. When the police caught him, Washington was brought to the ground, and was then punched several times by three different police officers: Drew Inman, Antony Villanueva andMark Kieffer III. A Trenton police officer and his former colleague have pleaded not guilty to federal charges they violated a man's civil rights during a violent traffic stop. Dougherty believes the city made a pile of mistakes investigating Villanueva, including not interviewing his client or his supervising sergeant. . The indictment was unsealed on Tuesday, and they were both scheduled to appear in court Tuesday afternoon. Villanueva described it this way in a report after he said he told Singletary he needed to end the phone call: As I began to walk toward Singletary, he immediately began to tense up. On April 9, 2017 in Trenton, New Jersey, Chanzie Washington allegedly led cops on a car chase and then ran on foot. If you purchase a product or register for an account through one of the links on our site, we may receive compensation. When that trust is violated, it makes it more difficult for our fellow police officers and federal agents to maintain the communitys confidence.. See Average Property Tax Bill In Lawrence Township, Per New Data, Catholics In Diocese Of Trenton Can Eat Meat On St. Patrick's Day, Head-Shaving Event At Lawrence Restaurant To Raise Funds For Cancer, Office Furniture & Soft Seating Liquidation Sale, NJ Camp Fairs at Menlo Park Mall Mar 4, 2023 - FREE to Attend (12-3PM), Protect Your Home from Ticks with Yard Guard from Viking Pest, AMC Theatres In NJ To Base Pricing Off Where You Sit, The Poop On Free-Range Cats And Your Lawn And Garden [Block Talk]. More Local News to Love Start today for 50% off Expires 3/6/23, adopted by the states Civil Service Commission, Villanueva and Trenton police officer Drew Inman. Officer Drew Inman and former city Officer Anthony Villanueva entered their pleas Wednesday during their arraignments in federal court. Body cam footage obtained by NBC10 shows the man on the ground and crying out in pain while officers are on top of him. Kevin Shea may be reached at The city of Trenton police officers, the majority of them, do not have any respect for the citizens, they just absolutely do not," Lord said. The lawsuit faults Parrey, who is no longer police director, for not flagging Villanuevas pattern of unreasonable force.. Villanueva was assigned to TPD lockup after. Villanueva stated he intended to charge Q.S. Search the most comprehensive statewide database of police use of force in the U.S. Both Villanueva and Inman were charged in April 2019 with aiding and abetting each other in depriving the civil rights of Chanzie Washington in April 2017. Its a whole family of public servants in the city of Trenton, he said. Trenton Police Officer Drew Inman, 25, of Hamilton, New Jersey, and former Trenton Police Officer Anthony Villanueva, 25, of Ewing, New Jersey, are charged in a six-count indictment. He is also charged with additional civil rights and obstruction counts in connection to a separate incident in November 2017. Trenton, GA Cureton , Phillip Lebron 2/15/1977 9846 W Ridge Trail Rd - Soddy Daisy, TN Curington , Jessica Lee 9/28/1979 Cookie Settings/Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Villanueva was fired last year and faces a separate federal charge for allegedly pepper spraying a man in a police holding cell. Quaree Singletary uses a bed mattress to shield himself from mace during a struggle in TPD lockup. (VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED). Singletary was charged with assaulting Villanueva. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. A New Jersey appeals court has affirmed the 2018 firing of a Trenton police officer terminated for pepper spraying a suspect inside a jail cell. Copyright 2023 Interactive One, LLC. Suicide Note Revealed After Shocking Death, Indicted! Police work is difficult and dangerous, but officers need to respect the civil rights of the people they are policing, Carpenito said. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division - Unpublished Opinions, New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division - Unpublished Opinions Decisions. Like our content? Hearing Impaired: 856-968-4983 Villanueva filed 14 use-of-force reports in a two-year period, higher than the statewide average of 4.1 use-of-force reports per officer over a five-year period, according to NJ.coms reporting on statewide use-of-force records. You dont want to come back here. with assault on a police officer, which required that Q.S. If you encounter them, you need to promptly notify your [attorneys]. I never want to be maced again in my life, Singletary previously told this newspaper. If you purchase a product or register for an account through one of the links on our site, we may receive compensation. Passaic Clinton, Hunterdon Trenton, Mercer Tuckerton, Ocean Union Beach, Monmouth Union City, Hudson Union Township, . EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Valley Forge Military Academy Cadet Speaks To CBS3 About Alleged Verbal, Physical Abuse At Hands Of Students. They both face more than 30 years in prison if convicted on all counts. They cannot resort to excessive force in performing their duties. Sign up for NewsOne's email newsletter! Main Office: Villanueva also faces charges in connection to another incident in which he allegedly pepper sprayed a defendant in a holding cell. In the second incident, Villanueva is charged with depriving a man of his civil rights and obstruction of justice. On Nov. 28, 2017, Villanueva, who had been assigned to work in the holding cell area of Trenton Police Headquarters, sprayed Oleoresin Capsicum (commonly referred to a pepper spray) on a prisoner who was confined in a holding cell. He was assisted that night by a police aide (the aide). On appeal from the New Jersey Civil Service . The man who the officers arrested is no longer in jail and his eluding and obstruction charges were later dropped. Citations Copy Citation. Its a travesty for him, but also for the law abiding resident of the city of Trenton, at a time when we need good honest hard-working police officers who really want to the job and at the same time want to go home to their families at night without getting a bullet in the chest. The former officer, Anthony Villanueva, was indicted by federal government for the 2017 incident on accusations he deprived the man of his civil rights. DOCKET NO. Trenton, NJ. Sign up for free Patch newsletters and alerts. Singletary, who is no stranger to cops having been arrested multiple times, told The Trentonian in a previous interview he remembered asking Villanueva why he ended his call. 10, 2022 - 4:46 PM. Full title: IN THE MATTER OF ANTHONY VILLANUEVA, CITY OF TRENTON POLICE DEPARTMENT. A Trenton police officer and a former colleague accused of assaulting a man they were arresting have pleaded not guilty to civil rights and obstruction of justice counts. The violation of civil rights counts each carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. Kieffer III, the son of Capt. Villanueva later completed an incident report that contained numerous false statements designed to conceal his unlawful conduct and improper treatment of the prisoner. Another officer ordered Washington to climb over the fence toward him. Villanueva, who was eventually fired by the city department and is fighting to get his job back, had been pulled off the streets and re-assigned to lockup following a separate altercation months before with Chanzie Washington. In re Villanueva. The beginning of the videos dont include sound until after Washington is struck, so it is unclear what led the officers to tackle Washington to the ground. Officer Drew Inman and former officer Anthony Villaneuva face six counts of civil rights violations and obstruction of justice in the arrest of suspect Chanzie Washington in 2017 and Quaree Singletary in 2017. Body camera footage showed Villanueva tracking down, tackling and punching Felton in the head twice from behind following a foot chase in March 2017. Villanueva also faces three civil lawsuits from Washington, Singletary, and Salaam Felton. The only way to eradicate the excessive abuse in the Trenton police department is by firing them all and starting all over again, she said. 11 Powerful Images At The Womens March 2018, Your email will be shared with and subject to its, Every Receipt Proving Candace Owens Is A Con Artist Who Is Following The Money, Celebrating The Black History Of Memorial Day, Never Forget: Obamas Tan Suit Media Firestorm Was 7 Years Ago Today. FBI arrests Trenton police officer at TPD, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), FBI arrests Trenton police officer at TPD headquarters in excessive force investigation, Fox News scandal, cable news, and how gullible we all are (JEFF EDELTSTEIN COLUMN), Tales of El Moreno in Puriscal Costa Rica (L.A. 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